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Member since: May 30, 2007
Last visit: May 7, 2009
Name: lilly raine
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Location: Los Angeles (California)
Country: United States
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Myah Stiletto sex

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Hey ppl you should check out this song by a girl named Myah, if u like britney spears, then you'll love her. She sounds a lot like her, anyways here is the link...

Book Written By Me
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Another Day
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puppy 2

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05/29/09 @314
Hey Babe whats up? got your txt earlier today...only now getting to write ya back. I got in toronto a couple hours ago, then unpacked and went for a bite to eat. Its great to back in t.o. Dana says hello and said u should come visit sometime when ur off on holidays or even a weekend would be good. Bethany is gettin bigger by the day, and i seriously though, she still remembers u, she said ur the pretty girlie who bought her dumbo, lol. So yeah Owen called me a couple days ago, i didnt have much to say to him i mean if he wants to be on good terms wit me, its gonna take more then one phone call, then he showed up at Mac's place and just thought he could hang out wit us, the guy didnt even make it the kitchen when josh told him to get out. Your gonna lay down some tracks with this boy cause he is not goin to ruin our summer, i know u like him and his your bf but seriously his not goin to be layin back at the crib, and drinkin our beers and smokin there shit. Anyways off the topic, i got accepted for school in ny, so still deciding if im gonna go, anyways dana wants to go to bed now, so im gonna head to bed as well, talk soon. See u online too wink wink.
05/07/09 @365
Lilly What's up? I'm pretty excited for the weekend, finally going back home. School is finished and almost got everything packed. Kaili thinks i should stay here with her for the summer, and in a way i do understand where shes comin from but i miss being home, in my room, with my friends, and just doing boring things during the summer. All i think about here is books, school, work, dorms, and thats it. So i think home is perfect for the next few months. Still planning on a trip to either Australia or the Bahamas. So hopefully this summer you will come with me, Josh and Mac. So when did the love bloom with u and owen? Seriously though Owen? he just doesnt seem like your type, and hope his not gonna be around when we hang out cause thats some serious issues. I like the idea of us hanging out and the rest of the crew and laying low. But anyways im gonna go get some sleep, ill give ya a call when i get home on friday, im driving home with my friend adam, and Kaili is comin to stay with me for a few days, she likes hanging out with us, i think it will be good that u can hang out with her more and get to know her like i do, you'll see shes a great girl.
04/28/09 @412
Lilly, i think the last we chatted was in december, and a lot has happened since then. I dont come here much anymore since im so busy with school and stuff. I just flew in sunday night. I went to Toronto for a few days to visit Dana. BTW Dana is living there. I'm thinking about transferring to NY and go to school there, i got accepted so i should take a risk and go there, that way i can go see Dana more, and Bethany as well. Dana is doing pretty good too. Still getting treatments but is staying strong and she asked about u while i was visiting. I know we havent talked much in a while but i miss u and i hope to see u again soon. I have some pics to send u of my trip to toronto and some pics from when we went down south. Ill email them to you tomorrow. So yeah im going back home in a couple weeks when im finished school and will be there for a month or so, trying to figure out what to do next. Hopefully as soon as u get this u will write me back since i see u online and sent u 3 msgs. Anyways g2g ttyl.
10/21/08 @406
Hey Lilly thanks again for the message, and email you sent. Sorry i didnt get to call but i was really busy with school work, and i have a lot on my mind. Yeah i didnt want to tell you a couple weekends ago the reason why i came home. It just would of made things upsetting, and i didnt want to put u or my friends through it. Actually i didnt know how bad it was till i returned back to school. I knew Dana was sick, and she was waiting back for the results. She does have stage 4 breast cancer, and its spread to her lungs. So im not really sure about the treatments she will receive or how much time she got left, but my mother said that it doesnt look good, and its going to take a lot to get through it. So i was pretty shaken up since last weekend, and i think im going to come home next weekend. I havent been talking to Dana since, i was home last. Anyways i've gotta go and head to bed, its really late and ill be talkin to you soon.

10/14/08 @393
Hey Lilly, it was a great weekend, glad i took a few days off to come home and visit family and friends, didnt realize i missed it so much till i came home. It was nice to finally meet your bf, he seems like a nice guy, and its good that he treats u like a princess. Kaili says hello, shes here wit me now, were going over some notes for a test tomorrow. I'm hoping to come home again soon maybe next month, will see. So i guess i'll have to go and study more, just wanted to send u a quick msg to tell u i love you and miss you, and hopefully see u soon, ttyl.
your pal Jenzen.
p.s Kaili says see ya
10/05/08 @160
Hello Hello, So whats up? not to much on the go here, had a quiet weekend, just studying and school stuff. I see you tried to call me friday night, but i was at the library till 10 studying then i went to get a coffee with Kaili and i dropped by her place for a bit. Saturday night Kaili and i went to the movies, watched Eagle Eye, it was a awesome movie. So yeah im gonna leave to drive home friday morning, and Kaili might be comin with me for a visit. So you will finally get to meet her, shes a lot like u so i figure u two will get along great. On the way im gonna stop by to Dana's and pick up Bethany for the day, Dana is gonna pick up her up that evening before we go out for supper, so it should be a fun day. Gonna go and take a shower, then finish up some homework. TTYL

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